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December 2016



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sam b&w

Bunch of enablers.

And now it's all got a plot and crap, and it's like I missed the memo about making crack FUN, so don't say you weren't warned, a'ight? ::scuffs heel:: Now I'm all looking forward to the Save the Citizen scenes. ::facepalm::

Although y'all are really nice to me, and I surely do appreciate that. *HUGS*

A hand closes on Jensen’s arm, and he freezes, goes completely still.

“Let go, man.” Keeps it light, frothy as laughter. “Gonna be late.”

“I don’t give a shit.” Chris lets go, but he’s hovering, leaning against the lockers and watching Jensen with that hot, angry look that’s getting so familiar. “First day of class and you gotta go shopping.”

Jensen grabs his books and keeps himself from sighing only with effort. “I got no idea what you’re talking about,” he says evenly.

“The new kid.” Chris leans closer, near enough that Jen can feel his breath on his ear. “Tall guy, at lunch. Looking at you like you were on the menu.”

Jensen snorts. “Like that’s anything new.” He slams his locker harder than he needs to, and turns. “Everyone looks at me that way,” he says, and executes a perfect smirk. “It’s part of the deal, remember?”

The sullen look hasn’t left Chris’s face. “That wasn’t the fucking whammy,” he snaps. “That was all you. Lemme tell you what I remember, all right? I remember the deal we made. I remember you saying, You’re the only one I can trust, Chris, you’re the only one I believe. Everybody else is just around because of my power. You remember that?”

There’s a deep, icy ache in the center of his chest, and he gives a jerky nod. “I remember.”

“That’s the only reason they look,” Chris whispers, and now he’s smiling a little, too. “They don’t even know you. Don’t wanna know you. Stick with me, Jenny. I know what’s best for you.”

He thinks about those dark, sweet eyes, the honest appreciation. That kid – doesn’t even know his damn name, but he’s pretty sure he’ll fix that when he gets the chance – doesn’t know about the thing. The POWER. Suddenly, savagely, Jensen wants him never to find out.

“Do you?” he replies harshly, and shoves away from the wall.

“Wait and see, Jenny,” comes Chris’s absurdly lyrical voice behind him. “You know I’m right, I’m always right. You’ll see.”

Jensen slings his book bag over his shoulder and doesn’t look back.

A week into the semester, Jared’s kinda got it all figured out. Not 100%, but he’s not as nervous on the bus, and he’s got friends besides Chad now. Sandy, and Mike and his best friend Tommy, who not only has a kinda cool if pretty sidekicky power – hey, you never know when you really will need to turn oil to water, or water to wine, after all – and a couple of others. Class isn’t hard at all, even if sometimes it’s a little rah-rah, you’re all heroes in training, history and shining examples and wow, is he ever tired of seeing this much red, white and blue.

He doesn’t see much of the Jensen guy. He’s learned a little about him, though not enough to keep him from being an anomaly. Jensen keeps to himself, totally, pretty much won’t have anything to do with anyone except the Chris person. Upperclassmen, so not like it matters, but the few times Jared sees Jensen at lunch it isn’t like he looks particularly…happy. He would have thought being that good-looking would make you popular, be photographed all the time, Mr. Most Beautiful in School – because wow, no doubt he is – or like, cheerleader or something, but no. Jensen’s a complete loner, except for his buddy, and that smirk that looked so charming at first now kinda seems fake. Like he’s got his game face on.

What’s he hiding? It’s crazy, because he’s in the hero class, so it can’t be some really stupid power like turning into a gerbil or something, but no one will SAY.

On Friday he’s waiting outside for Chad, who’s already gotten detention like twice, and sees Jensen coming out the front door. Alone, not even Chris with him, a fact that sort of relieves Jared.

What the hell, right? He smiles when Jensen glances at him, and sees the big double-take.

“What’s up?” Jared asks.

Jensen gives him a smirk, quick and tired, and the funny little flash of heat flickers through Jared’s groin but not nearly as big as before. Easier to handle, at least for now.

“Didn’t your friends warn you?” Jensen looks away, that full mouth pulling down in a grim look. It doesn’t suit him. “I’m surprised.”

“Well, they did,” Jared says, and swallows, shoves his hands awkwardly in his pockets. “But not – why. I mean, you just seem like some guy to me.”

“Really.” Jensen snorts, gives a slow nod. “Just some guy?”

“Yeah. I’m Jared, by the way.” He fumbles his hand out of his pocket and hopes it isn’t too sweaty when he holds it out. “You’re Jensen, right? Is that like your first or last name?”

Jensen stares at his hand like he’s held out a dead woodchuck or something. “First,” he says absently, and finally takes it. It’s a light, quick touch, the briefest pressure and gone, and Jared’s heart bucks in his chest, hard enough to make him gasp.

And he knows Jensen sees that, and Jared’s drawing a breath to say something, no idea what, but Jensen nods curtly and says, “You know something? You oughta trust your friends.” His eyes are green, Jared sees, green and limitless as the goddamn ocean. A tiny, incandescent flicker of gold, gone almost before he sees it, but FEELS it, like he’s in an elevator that just dropped fifty floors in a millisecond.

Then it’s over, the whatever it was, and Jared gasps, “Wha,” and sees Jensen turning, walking away, and ahead of him Chris, ice-blue eyes hidden behind sunglasses and his black jacket like a hole in the world where he ought to be. Jensen stops beside him, says something, goes to the bus, and Chris gives Jared one last unknowable look before following.

It’s only when he gets on his own bus and sits next to Sandy, not-listening to her talk about the girl in her class who accidentally set the teacher on fire that afternoon, and thinking, I still don’t know what his power is.


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Rent it!! It's tremendous cheesy fun! *HUGS*
Oh!!! I'm so glad I hit refresh one more time before I went to bed!

I'm so glad you're writing more of this. This story just makes me grin like a loon!
Yay happy-making fic! *HUGS*


I just read both of your Sky High fics. They are made of the awesome! Will you write more in this verse?
There will be more, yeah. ::facepalm:: Thanks!
I'm really captivated by this, I don't exactly know why. Chris is perfect; cool and sort of scary, the perfect intimidating guard dog. Jared with his height and puppy eyes and terrifying power that still doesn't scare people off because it's *Jared*, that is just yummy. But Jensen is this shiny-wrapped mystery that I'm now dying to fathom.
The bits you've written are pretty cool on their own, but if this never goes on I'm still going to obsess over it.t
Aw man, thank you! Total crack, but it latched on and wouldn't let go. Heee! ;D
MOG. Not only did you write more but you wrote it quickly too! Yay!

I am loving this more and more and cant wait for the next bit!
Heeeee! Thank you! *beams*
This is a beyond cool idea for a story. I love the powers you've picked out, because they are very unique and very in character.

Aw, thank you! Glad you're enjoying it!
Um, PLEASE write more. I'm not above beggging. I will write you porn, gerbil!fucking. ANYTHING.
Dude, with Sky High you could actually HAVE gerbil-fucking. Although poor Magenta! *g*

There'll be more, yep. *hugs*
...it's probably bad that I'm thinking Steve would make an awesome gerbil.
LOLOL! I know the least about Steve -- but don't rule that out. *snicker*
*siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh* You know you're just getting started here, right? Right? *settles in for the ride*
Yup. ::facepalm::
Thanks!! :-D
SQUEE. I know there's good in friending you! :D
*laughs* Well, there's definitely crack, that much we can say for sure. *grin* Glad you like it!
MoreMoreMoreMoreMore!!!! *bounces* Please more! *squee* Love this fic, I need MORE!!! :D
Oh, the boys have lots to say -- I bet there'll be more soon. *nod* Thanks!
This is so much better than I ever imagined it could be... and I imagined GREATNESS!!!

You are glorious!

Aw, honey! But I'd really wanted to keep it funny, and yet the angst, she crept in like fungus. ::facepalm:: But onward, right? *g*
This is great! The movie was fun and seeing them all in Sky High's setting is awesome. And the Jensen power. Heh. Of course. Please let me enable you some more!
Heee! consider me enabled. *nod* And thanks!!
Woohoo! More!

That's glee that you wrote more, not demands for more.

Well, okay. It's that, too.
*splort* Okay, you made me crack up. There will be more, promise. *grin*
I stayed up way past my bedtime in hopes that you'd update, and you did, and now my life is complete, and I can go to bed happy.

You have no idea how much I'm loving this! :D
Aw, that's so good to know! Thanks, chica!!
I've no idea what Sky High is but I kinda really like this.
This will be handy -- http://community.livejournal.com/crack_van/2275710.html?style=mine. It's a VERY cute movie. And thank you!
...I just got so overflaily I accidentally deleted my comment before I posted it.

*sets up camp in your LJ for the duration*

Just pretend I'm part of the furniture. Hang your coat on me. I won't mind.
::cackles!!:: Aw darlin, that's awesome! Thank you!!
Maybe I'm a freak or something, but that's why I like your crack, cause it's all angsty and painful and real.
I...am trying to figure out why it's my crack-fic that really does bring folks to the yard. I can't tell. I take it seriously? (Arguably lots more seriously than I should?) I dunno. But thank you!!
Both of these are awesome! ♥

I can't wait to read more =] (and I can't wait to find out what Jensen's power is...)
Aw, thank you!! *beaming*
I'm liking this so much. And now there's angst too. Yay! I was hoping we would get lonely Jensen.
Jensen is very lonely, yes. *nodnod* But not for much longer! \o/ Thanks!!
Oh hell yes; I've just read both the other part and this after
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Oh hell yes; I've just read both the other part and this after <lj-user="lemmealone"> recced it. I &hearts; you; I love the idea, the powers, the way you've executed it. The movie was adorable and sweet and so is this - with just a little bit of added depth to it again. More, please XD
Thanks so much! Yep, there'll be more -- Jensen still has to demonstrate his pretty-fu. *g*
God, good things happens when you stay up late, huh! Stand fast Jared! You're gonna save Jensen! *squees*
*laughs* He is! Thank you!!
Dude! When your crack is this good, you CANNOT blame us for enabling you...

*enables you some more in the hope of getting part three soon*
Man, it's like y'all hired Royal Pain to make another weapon -- the Enabler. *g* Enabling rays all OVER the damn place, I tellya. *hugs* Thank you!!
Crackfic for the win, man.

God I love this fic.

Oh, Jensen, scared and keeping Jared away.

*cuddles teh poor boys*
Heeee! Thank you!! *beaming*
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